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Your First Appointment


Your first appointment at DermaCare will be a deep pore cleansing treatment. This treatment not only allows us to begin the process of cleaning out the pores, but also affords us valuable information about your skin. Our highly trained staff of Estheticians will be able to determine a customized course of treatment designed to meet our goal of beautiful smooth skin for you. We also perform a professional skin analysis to determine the exact strengths needed in your home-care products. Most people do not use the correct strength products. You may be using an expensive product with grade A ingredients, but if it is too strong or too weak for your skin you are not getting the full benefit. Professionally cared for skin is always in perfect balance. To ensure that your skin responds properly, we will send you home with a complimentary set of products selected just for your skin.

After your first treatment your skin will feel very clean. It will be completely hydrated and firmer. You will then receive a personalized plan designed to achieve the perfectly smooth, radiant skin you desire.

You will have spent:

Time: 1 1/2 hours
Cost: $110.00



Peels are used to achieve many different results. There are hydration peels that actually create moisture in a dry cracked skin. There are deep chemical peels that remove the entire keratin (dead skin) layer. There are peels especially for smoothing fine lines, firming, and plumping. Finally, there are peels to remove hyper pigmentation (brown spots) and melasma (pregnancy mask).

At DermaCare we do every peel, but not every peel is appropriate for every skin type. That is where experience and training enter. Our skilled Estheticians will select the perfect peel or combination of peels to give you excellent results. This is one of the many things that makes coming to DermaCare a very safe and gratifying experience. We are exceptionally good at matching up the correct peel to each client's skin. With our pre-peel testing, we can ensure every client enjoys a pleasant experience.

Skin Conditions

We Control

skin.jpgAcne: Having acne is hard enough as a teenager but having it as an adult is unacceptable. No matter how long you have been suffering with breakouts, your skin can be completely clear. With our proprietary methods of blemish removal, we restore the pores to their proper functioning condition. We do this completely drug free. We use no antibiotics and no cortizone shots. We also treat acne of the back and chest.

Cystic Acne: Cystic acne is the ultimate challenge.This includes papules (hard swollen bumps that do not come to a head), acne lesions (usually bluish purple in color), and sebaceous cysts. We are able to clean out the impacted pores without drugs. Using medicinal wraps we create a bacteria fighting environment for the skin to heal. We have had great success with the most stubborn cases.

Hard White Bumps: These are called milia and they grow just beneath the skin's surface. Sometimes they can surround the eye area.

Rosacea: Rosacea manifests itself with a red flush across the nose and cheeks. It can progress into pustules and edema swelling. Rosacea is not acne, even though the breakouts can look similar. It must never be treated as acne. We understand the underlying causes of rosacea, from the presence of Helicobacter Pylori Bacteria, to inadequate circulation. We have had great success in educating our clients and controling the problem.

Dry Skin: Skin should never be allowed to remain in a dry dehydrated condition. Enzymes in the skin called Matrix Metalloproteinase (MMP) are activated when your skin is dry. The MMPs are responsible for all visable signs of aging. When you let your skin remain dry you are saying, "I want to look older faster". Our methods of restoring balance to the skin are unsurpassed.

Cracked Broken Skin: This is skin in dire distress. Usually no amount of moisturizer that you have been applying corrects the problem. This is a damaged Stratum Corneum (first layer). We cause the body to repair this layer and restore the dewiness to the skin's surface.

Sensitive Skin: This is the skin that has never been able to tolerate most products. Everything irritates and causes a rash. We understand this skin type and have products, developed just for this condition, plus specially designed treatments to heal, nourish, and improve the overall texture of the skin.

Brown Spots: Whether you have hyper pigmentation or melasma, we can eliminate those unsightly age spots. Skin looks younger and healthier when there are no discolorations.